Java as Application Platform for UNIX

Tomasz Gil

Table of Contents

1. Synopsis
2. Java as application programming platform for UNIX
3. Java as a programming language
3.1. Programming - simple text manipulation program
3.2. Complex XML Editor -
3.3. Database access using JDBC -
3.4. Libraries: util, io, net, sql, naming, security, crypto, CORBA, rmi, xml
3.5. New with 1.4 - asynchronous I/O, regular expressions
3.6. Example - ClassLoader
4. Enterprise Java - J2EE
4.1. J2EE as application-container contract
4.2. Types of EJB's as different programming styles
4.3. Servlets - Web interface helpers
4.4. J2EE server structure and essential container services
5. Conclusion


Tomasz Gil has been programming under UNIX, Windows and Java since the early nineties. See his website at This article has been given as presentation to the Seattle Unix Group - - in 2003.