Tomasz (Thomas) Gil, Ph.D.

Software Consulting

Dikte Software LLC

Dikte means net

Software - Data - Applied Math

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As a consultant I do the following for you:

  • analyze your business operations and conceptualize its core functions - subsequently I design and implement these core functions in software in a flexible and extensible manner as an application platform usable by software developers
  • advise your business about recent technology offerings
  • design and implement software well-suited for your business operations using the best and most inexpensive technologies
  • provide technical leadership for your software projects

My services are delivered in adherence to these principles:

  • computer code that I write and projects I lead for you will meet professional standards of code and documentation so that another software professional can extend or modify my work
  • code will be guaranteed to work in the environment it was designed for
  • code modifications and fixes will be performed according to an agreement made prior to the delivery of service
  • you, the customer, own the data - I will protect the access to your data, its security and integrity; I, the software provider, own the code and grant the customer all rights to use the binary and source code - except for the right to develop commercial products

Core software engineering competencies

Type of problem Example of work
Concurrency Designed criteria for triggering interdependent database processing operation
Designed and implemented a log processor program that can be run in many instances allowing for trivial scaling
Transactions and persistence Autonomous transactions to commit error records in case a work item failed and was rolled back
Large updates (150k rows) that needed to be committed in chunks and available to be reversed by another update as if rolled back
Control Designed a system for controlling the parameters of advertising campaigns to achieve their best performance - both simple and optimal control
Designed a flow control system that allowed for media data to be sent in a low-priority channel over the same link as high priority data
Data modeling Insists on verbalizing the nature of relationships between entities driving toward schema normalization.
Designed a data model change that simply captured history of changes to the data by adding time attributes to certain entities and forbidding their deletion
Communication Formalization of the Graphon RapidX display protocol and wrote complex code for optimal transmission of graphical quantities
Designed the layered communication protocol system and the server side use of that system internal projects

  • research and development work on distributed system software
  • evaluation of technologies and their suitability for production purpose

Interests, Opinions

Open Source Software contributions

Professional Credentials

  • Ph.D. in chemical physics, Indiana University, Bloomington 1989
  • BS/MS in theoretical physics, Nicolaus Copernicus University, Torun, Poland, 1981

Professional Summary and Resume

Why are we called Dikte? Dikte is the Greek word for net.
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